Spanning Three Generations

Our Founders

Established in 1973, Birnam Excavating Ltd. has seen considerable growth and experience over the past decades. Expanding from a history in municipal drainage, many thousands of miles of concrete pipe were installed throughout Southwestern Ontario especially in tobacco lands. Birnam became well sought after for their ability to work efficiently in difficult and complicated situations in the quicksand and swamp drainage industry. With a healthier lifestyle affecting the tobacco trade in the mid 80’s and an eager and ambitious son Mark on board, Birnam expanded into the sewer, watermain and road building industry. We are appreciative of the strong foundation provided by Frank and Elsie Van Bree, our retired founders.

Our Builders

Mark & Teresa Van Bree, the second generation, were keen to make a positive impact on the sewer, watermain and road building industry. Through slow and steady growth, the Company has grown from a staff of 5 to over 50, complete with a large fleet of reliable and good quality equipment and trucks. In the past 25 plus years the focus has been on civil engineering projects – especially in the reconstruction and upgrading of small and medium towns and cities in Southwestern Ontario. Mark serves on the board as Past President of the OSWCA (Ontario Sewer Watermain and Construction Association) and is on the board of the Sarnia Heavy Construction Association in order to give back to the industry and contribute to continued industry growth. 

Our Youth, Our Future
A third generation is now online for the future, with two sons having completed their post secondary educations, Kevin (Construction Engineering Technology Management) and Bryan (Bachelor of Technology Degree & Electronic Engineering Diploma). They are eager and willing to work alongside their parents and strong management staff – to learn and position themselves for future leadership roles in the company.
Birnam’s owners have always had a strong belief in our youth of the future, not everyone is cut out for university and college life – society needs people in the trades, and the construction industry is a viable and successful career choice. With this in mind, we have mentored and trained young people, several of whom have now been with us for many years because they enjoy a teamwork environment where they can learn, take pride in what they do and enjoy a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Build People – Build Relationships – Networking: The Cornerstone of Success
Over the years we have built strong relationships with Engineering Firms, Municipalities, Developers and Counties as well as with the quality Suppliers and Sub-contractors who have assisted our qualified and experienced management and staff to provide quality and service to our clients.