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New building being erected

In the last few years, Birnam has been incorporating a more solid focus into the General Contracting industry, specializing in strong Project Management. Our General Contracting Division works with mechanical systems, process works, water and wastewater, and general infrastructure projects. These include water treatment facilities, pump stations, process piping, retrofits and rebuilds, as well as state of the art lagoon aeration systems, new buildings and a variety of structures.

In the last couple of years, this division has expanded under the guidance of Phil Coeck due to his extensive expertise. We complete our jobs start to finish, with quality and integrity. This increased focus on our General Contracting Division has helped us target the Municipal ICI sector.

Birnam employees working in a hole

In 2016, Birnam began work at the Bright’s Grove Lagoon, installing a new sewage treatment facility, which treats 3500 cubic metres a day. Using state of the art technology, and an existing lagoon, our GC division created a full-scale treatment plant, in record time. This project was time sensitive with a variety of environmental considerations, and required the existing plant remain functioning throughout the project to ensure the upkeep of wastewater processing demands for the City of Sarnia. This 13-million-dollar venture included upgrading 2 lagoon cells with new diffused aeration systems and chambers, and replacing existing sand filters with the new Submerged Aqueous Growth Reactor (SAGR) system consisting of 4 cells. The project required the creation of a new SAGR effluent Pumping Station, a new tertiary filter building, multiple upgrades to the existing site and facility, as well as the decommissioning and environmental remediation of a lagoon cell.

In addition to jobs like the Bright’s Grove Lagoon project, this division has experience working on a variety of other GC Projects, including:

  • Booster and Pumping Station Upgrades
  • Filter Media Rehabilitation
  • Valve and Flow Meter Chamber Replacements
  • Mechanical Control Centres
  • Treatment Plants
  • Recreation Parks – New builds and Upgrades
  • Electrical and Plumbing Work
  • General Building Construction

No job is too big, or too small. With the expansion of our Company we are able to take on anything that comes our way, and have created successful working relationships with suppliers from all across the industry. If you have any questions about a project, or would like an estimate, give us a call today!

This was our first time working with Birnam on a vertical design project. Our previous work with Birnam was on the linear side. We were sceptical at first as vertical design is heavily dependent on scheduling subcontractors and suppliers and typically has more moving parts than linear infrastructure.
Birnam did an excellent job in project coordination and managing the sub trades throughout construction. The management side of Birnam was professional and diligent throughout the project. Overall, they exceeded the expectations of Stantec. I would recommend Birnam for future projects.
More importantly the client was very pleased throughout construction and with the final product. Great job and look forward to the next project.

Simon Jeater. P. EngStantec Consulting Ltd. ( PM of the Bright’s Grove Lagoon Project)