Birnam has grown in knowledge, experience and ability through the successful completion of various new and re-construction projects within small towns and cities. We build clean water and sewage distribution systems, and upgrade municipalities with new subdivisions, streets, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping. We aim to support the improvement of the way of life for residents throughout Southwestern Ontario.

At its very core, Birnam is a company that strives to provide effective and high quality solutions to all civil construction needs.

Through new subdivisions, recreation and leisure construction projects, roundabouts, and culvert installations to the environmental stabilizations of our beautiful Great Lakes shores, Birnam works with Engineers, Municipalities and Developers to provide quality construction and to assist with alternative solutions when unforeseen or difficult situations arise.

Our Employees have the experience, expertise and excellence to safely get the job done right.

We are proud to offer a number of dynamic areas of expertise that are built within our Company’s core structure. From large scale contracts to small scale projects, Birnam has been meeting the needs of numerous Engineers, Municipalities, and Construction Clients throughout Southwestern Ontario since 1973. With over 70 construction and administration Employees, and an impressive fleet of equipment and tools, we are eager to safely complete any Civil Project. We have completed work in most municipalities throughout Southwestern Ontario which, in some situations involved working around historical infrastructure that is over 100 years old. One of our biggest projects to date was the Commissioners Road project for the City of London. This was a 2-year ($14 million) project that was successfully completed within the time frame allowing us to fully restore traffic to this busy commercial area on time and below the City’s budget.

Taking advantage of technology advancements, Birnam keeps pace with the ever-changing industry, making efficient use of GPS, software and hardware, and various project management and jobsite technologies. Our knowledge, experience and high standards have earned us a Gold Seal designation and a recognition as a leader in our industry.

Birnam is proud to work on any project that comes our way. We work together with quality materials, Suppliers, and Subcontractors, by building solid working relationships with these partners in construction. We have an excellent track record due to our quality of work, and efficiency and safety standards. With a strong team of problem solvers, and a demonstrated track record of success, Birnam will not miss an opportunity to build long term relationships with those in our industry.