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Birnam Provides Shelter to Family in El Salvador

By December 20, 2018May 29th, 2024News/Articles

On behalf of the team from Sarnia and from Shelter Canada, we would like to express our gratitude to Birnam Excavating Ltd. for their generous support of our work in El Salvador (providing homes to families in need, in that country’s poorest communities). This Christmas, a family: Jose, Veronica, and their young daughter Laura, will all sleep secure in a home that provides shelter from the cold rainy season to come (May to October) and safety from violence that indiscriminately harms many.

Owners Mark and Teresa Van Bree personally supported the building of a home in El Salvador in 2017. This year, they further demonstrated their generous spirit by inviting Birnam employees to contribute to the building of a home, and then matched those donations.

This home was one of 14 that our volunteer team built together with Shelter employees in country, and local community members.

Together we are striving to provide long term self-sustainable solutions through a growing mutually beneficial partnership. Each of the Shelter Canada team members paid their own way, so the gift from Birnam went directly to the in-country costs of purchasing, fabricating, transporting of materials in order to used in the building process, and specifically this home. The joyous celebration on the day of the key giving ceremony was something that we wish you could all experience because you have helped to answer a prayer, instill hope and provide shelter for someone truly in need.

Deve Persad 
Shelter Team Leader